Gays Will Provoke Ancestors – Chief

The chief summoned village heads and headmen in his area to warn people in the area that gays will not be supported.

He said he will not tolerate any ‘nonsense’ in the form of gay rights saying that would provoke the ancestors.

“I am serious with the issue because often people upset their ancestors by doing some of the things which could be prevented. I will
not back-track on this one; I do not need gays in my area,” said the chief. “Those who love gays or who want to practice that evil culture must never do it in my land, never.”

Headman Chipadza said there was unanimous agreement among all the headmen who attended the meeting that gay rights will not be supported.

“We stand with our chief because we do not want to invite the wrath of our ancestors. Homosexuality is abominable, we must never discuss that. Debating about homosexuality is like debating on whether people must be allowed to eat one another,” fumed headman Chipadza.

Zimbabweans are set to write their new constitution very soon. The process is now eight months behind but already issues like inclusion
of gay rights and the presidential term limits has since sparked debates in many circles.

President Robert Mugabe has at one time referred to homosexuals as ‘worse than pigs’.