Gen Mujuru Gave Me Advice: Gono

In an interview at the National Heroes Acre during the funeral of General Mujuru, Gono said: “Mujuru gave me a lot of sober advice. He was among the few people who when he gave me advice it was very sober and made a lot of sense.

“In fact I used a lot of the sober advice that he gave to me while at the RBZ even during the days when things were tough in Zimbabwe.”

Gono led the RBZ during the days of hyperinflation, when inflation soared to world record levels at more than 231 million percent – the highest in the world.

There were numerous and serious food shortages and Zimbabwe’s economy almost ground to a halt.

During those days Governor Gono also admitted that he had received a lot of support from Tapiwa Mashakada, now Minister of International Co-operation in the Government of National Unity (GNU).

Mashakada had been earmarked for the position of Minister of Finance now held by his MDC-T colleague, Tendai Biti, a lawyer.

Gono has been largely accused of quasi-fiscal operations at the RBZ which were removed from him by Biti when he came into power as Finance Minister, regularly clashing with the Governor.

General Mujuru died in his commercial farm-house in Beatrice last week in a blazing fire that destroyed most of the property.

He was a major businessman with interests in several companies listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE).

The late General Mujuru had business interets in such areas gold mining, commercial farming, motor vehicle industry, hotels, and most recently, diamond mining in Zimbabwe.

He was the husband of Vice President, Joyce Mujuru.