Germany Ambassador Escapes Attack

In a statement to the media the Germany embassy said Conze’s mercedes benz limousine was attacked on Tuesday at 7:15 pm when the diplomat and his driver were forced to stop at corner Churchill and College junction.

“On its way from the Embassy to the Residence, at around 7.15 p.m. on 1st March, the German ambassador’s official car, a Mercedes-Benz limousine, was attacked and severely damaged by unknown aggressors,” the Germany embassy said.

“The Ambassador’s driver had been forced to stop at the Churchill Road / College Road junction as another vehicle, coming out of College Road, had the right of way. As the vehicle stopped, the rear right window was twice hit from outside with a heavy (probably metallic) device. However, the badly damaged window resisted, and the aggressor – not visible from the inside of the vehicle – refrained from hitting a third time – something he could have done to finally smash the window. “

The embassy said neither Conze nor the driver of the vehicle was injured. A report was made at Avondale police station and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The driver then managed to speed off from the scene. Neither he nor the ambassador was injured. The incident was reported to Avondale Police Station and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” the embassy said.

Nathaniel Manheru, a Herald columnist, believed to be President Robert Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba, on Saturday had penned a hard hitting column telling Conze to refrain from attacking the state owned paper and Zanu (PF).

Conze had written an opinion piece in NewsDay, Herald’s biggest rival thrashing a story where the government paper claimed the European Union was divided on the Zimbabwe sanctions.

The Herald quoted Conze saying German differed with some members of the EU on the sanctions but was bound by the collective decisions of the block.

In response to the Herald Conze had written: “Twenty years after the fall of communism, certain media in a handful of countries still function in the old totalitarian way. They have become rare specimens in a modern world that has moved on. We should cherish them for being so old-fashioned.”

And Manheru warned him that “we have enough German speakers in the country to have that stark message translated for him. Asade kutitsika conze, sorry, konzi, sezita rake (He must not provoke us)”

“What greater insult can a nation swallow from an outsider representing a system that has carrions all over the African veld?”