Ghana Celebrating Win

Football lovers, including women and children, flooded the streets amidst drumming and dancing as drivers tooted the horns of their vehicles. People are mounting miniature flags on their motor bikes and vehicles while pub operators are raking in enough capital from revilers.

It is a re-enactment of the 2006 World Cup celebrations when Ghana went pass the group stages as the only African country to qualify for the last 16 stage.

“Angola is ashamed now. They resorted to all manner of intimidatory tactics prior to the match but our boys proved to be men.

“Nobody respected our team from the beginning of this tournament but it is always said that the stone that the builders rejected becomes the cornerstone. Watch out for Ghana in the finals against Ivory Coast again,” Jemima Ashong, a trader in her mid-20s and claded in the national colours predicted to

Haruna Mohammed, a 19-year-old shoe shine boy, said: “We are there. We have made it at long last. It’s Ghana going to the finals Insha Allah (By God’s Grace). I’m happy Angola is sad and out and they deserve it. They thought this game was for them but we proved to them that we are four-time champions.”

Some fans were not happy with officiating but took solace in Asamoah Gyan’s 16th minute goal that took Ghana to the last four.

“The referee was biased towards us. He fouled too many against us but the Law of Karma went against him. Look at the amount of time he added but eventually we proved to him that football is played by experience not through cheating,” Yvonne Okyere, an internet café attendant stated.

Kwame Sarpong shared in her sentiments, “We played 11 against 12. The referee was the additional person for the Angolan side. He did what he could to help the home side stay in the competition but he ended up embarrassing himself.”