Ghanaians Say Mugabe Is Best Leader In Africa

This came to light when Radio Vop correspondent visited some parts of Ghana a few days before the Africa Day holiday on May 25.The Ghanaians did not hide their love for Mugabe who turned 87 in February.
Villagers in the Kokbite Village located about 30 kilometres outside the Ghana capital Accra told Radio Vop that Mugabe is misunderstood.

“People don’t understand that man,” said Annan Bedi, who works at the AB’s Royal Hotel in the Kokbite Village.“He challenges the white man, he is a strong man, just recently he went to Rome and we heard they wanted to block him but they failed.”

The villagers said those who say he must go should think twice because Africa still needs him.

“You think we are happy here in Ghana? Look at the poverty that we have here but when you are coming from outside you think everything is
alright because you just go to Accra and never visit other areas,” said Annas Kuffour, a cook at the AB’s Royal Hotel adding that he
wishes Mugabe was the President of Africa.

“He is a great man, greater than Gabriel Haile Selassie, I have travelled and worked in many African countries including Libya and I
can tell you I know what I am talking about.”Asked why they love Mugabe with such passion. One female Villager who works at another beach-side hotel retorted: “ He is our son in law, he married here in Ghana ”
In Cape Coast, a town located in the centre of Ghana, where the late Zimbabwean first lady, Sally Mugabe, was born are of the opinion that
Mugabe is a victim of international pressure.

Sally came from the Sekondi region, where Mugabe paid a famous visit in 2007 and his wife Grace was barred from entering the family
homestead and was left alone in the car for three hours while Mugabe met his in-laws.

“He is doing what he is doing because he is under pressure from the west. They know he is telling the truth about what they did in Africa
and would want to silence him with sanctions,” said a resident of the Cape Coast.The Cape Coast is a historic slave trade exit point. This is where Africans who were taken into Europe as slaves were shipped into

“The whites were cruel and when they come back to Africa they pretend as if they love Africans yet all they want is our resources. They
killed us and this Cape Coast Castle bears all the evidence,” said another resident showing a group of African journalists who were in Ghana for an investigative journalism workshop being run by an international broadcaster whose broadcasts have helped propel uprisings around the world particularly in Egypt, Tunisia and the Arab North.

The Ghanaians are not alone in believing that Mugabe is the best leader in Africa.Many Africans who don’t know much about the situation in Zimbabwe also think Mugabe is the best leader in Africa despite his human rights record at home.