Give Us More Children, You Women: Mugabe

“Our womenfolk marry late and don’t want to have many children as our mothers and grandmothers used to have. Two children, three children, In some cases we have heard one mother producing as many as 10 or 12 children, now they say it kills. But our grandmothers didn’t die,” Mugabe said.

“We want more children, give us more children you women. Why are you denying us children? Why were you given wombs, no, no don’t be stingy.”

Mugabe made the remarks while addressing people at the Harare International Conference Centre, (HICC) where he launched the census which runs from August 18 to 28.

The 88 year old leader urged Zimbabweans to participate honestly in the census count and said the 2002 census did not please him as figures showed that so many people were dying of HIV or AIDS.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said a population census is a ‘rich source of information’ that enables the country to plan and strategise. In apparent reference to the problems caused by the army and police in trying to hijack the census, Tsvangirai said a population census had always been done by civilians.

“Conducting the national census has always been a civilian exercise and it is my sincere hope that we will have a legitimate census that will give us credible results to enable national visioning and planning,” Tsvangirai said.