Glen View Carpenters 'Punished" For Not Attending Hero's Burial

Dozens of alleged Zanu PF youths on Monday stormed the Glen View furniture complex and blocked its entrance in a  reported  attempt to ‘punish’ carpenters and stall owners who did not attend Sunday’s burial ceremony of national hero Stanley Sakupwaya .

Affected traders, who anonymously spoke to NewsDay, said Zanu PF youths came and manned the complex entrance, allowing in only those who had attended  the burial, resulting in over 1 000 traders being inconvenienced.

“They closed the market today saying the number of people who went to the heroes acre yesterday was small and those who did not go were not going ahead with their business today,” said one of the traders.

According to the trader, those who attended the burial ceremony were being identified by the stamps put on their hands when they boarded the hired bus to the stadium on Sunday.

“I also went to the Heroes Acre but I did not use the bus which collected people from here so I do not have a stamp and I have been refused entry, so as it is I am working from outside.”

Zanu PF have often been accused of forcing closure of market places, including Mbare Musika, and  frogmarching informal traders to party and national gatherings.

When the NewsDay crew left, the complex was still to open for normal business.