GNU Begs For US$489m In Humanitarian Aid From Donors

“The humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe continues to be stable, but elements of fragility remain a cause for concern in key sectors such as food security, health and nutrition, and water, sanitation and hygiene,” the CAP Review said.

The bi-annual Mid-Year Review is published by the United Nations (UN).

“Following analysis of the most recent needs assessments, the Mid-Year Review identified minor increases in requirements for most clusters.”

“The main increase is accounted for by an increase in requirements for the Agriculture Cluster due primarily to availability of better data. Requirements for Food and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Clusters were also increased due to projected increases in areas of coverage and more identified needs, respectively.”

The Review said revised requirements amounted to US$488 582 358, an increase of US$73 306 618 over the original requirements.

Funding for the appeal was made under the Financial Tracking Service (FTS).

The Review pointed out that this was an 18 percent increase over the original request by Zimbabwe.

Partners had indicated, however, that US$141 824 362 in funding had been already received, leaving unmet requirements of US$346 757 996 and the Consolidated Appeal (CAP) 29 percent funded.

According to the latest CAP Mid-Year Review the Agriculture Cluster seriously needs US$25 297 088 and has already received US$10 988 311 of this amount.

Education, one of the GNU’s priority areas needs US$32 360 000 and has already received $2 377 054, Food (US$158 630 642) and has received US$93 834 359 of the request.

Food is the most funded cluster to date due to the serious malnourishment especially of women and children in the rural areas around Zimbabwe.

The Review said the Health Cluster needs US$28 342 152 but has already received US$5 483 914, which is about 19 percent of its needs to-date.
It said the Nutrition Cluster, on the other hand, needs US$13 912 500 and has already received US$1 998 322 of this amount, a 14 percent level, while the Protection Cluster urgently needs US$41 845 000 but has already received US$4 054 984 of this amount.

The CAP Review said, however, Zimbabwe needs a grand total of US$415 275 740 in humanitarian help.

The country has, however, only received US$141 548 526 of this amount from various donors.
This amount represents 34 percent of its grand total needs to-date.

“Key priorities for the remainder of 2011 will be improving food security levels; addressing the needs of asylum seekers, migrants and other vulnerable groups that need protection; prevention of and rapid response to disease outbreaks; and response to natural disasters,
 the CAP Mid-Year Review said.

“All these activities will be undertaken while ensuring that humanitarian and government prioroties remain complementary in all areas of intervention.”