Goche’s Ministry Responsible for Air Zim Woes: Kaseke

Nicholas Goche of Zanu (PF) is in charge of the Transport and Communications Ministry.

“What can we say about problems which our national Airliner is facing? This is what we see if companies are not being properly managed. Air Zimbabwe became relaxed, like a kid whose father doers not want him to play with others, the kid becomes proud of himself. Air Zimbabwe does not want to be competed against.

“It has been protected by the Ministry of Transport and Communications; even if they are here they are hearing me saying our Airliner should not have competitors,” Zimbabwe Tourism Authority Chief Executive Kaseke told business people witnessing the  launch two state of art coaches by a local transport company Pathfinder  in Harare, at the end of the week.

Problems continue at the state-run airline, Air Zimbabwe with reports saying it is now operating obsolete aircraft equipment which warrants the shutting down of the airline.

Out of the remaining four airplanes which Air Zimbabwe is left with one is operational and is currently servicing the Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls routes while all of the three Chinese-manufactured planes are grounded.

Kaseke said it was shocking to note that a national airliner is failing to fly domestic routes.

“How can a national Airliner flies between the Capital city of the country and the tourism city of Southern Africa Victoria falls which is in the same country three times a month? It should be flying three times a day as a minimum,” Kaseke added.

Workers at the national Airliner said the company is suffering as a result of undercapitalisation, massive looting and commandeering of planes by politicians.

As a result has suffered declining bookings, rolling strikes and staff exodus. The national airliner owes millions of dollars to its workers in salary arrears.