Gokwe Police Pressures Chokuda Family To Bury Deceased Son

Those convicted of killing Moses among them the son of the Midlands Governor, Farai Machaya and the Gana brothers were sentenced to 18 years behind bars.

Tavengwa, Moses’ father who still believes the High court verdict is not punishment enough has not buried his son and he says he wants to be engaged by the families of the culprits as per Shona tradition.
 However in an exclusive interview with Radio VOP, Tavenngwa (46) complains of continuous pressure from the Gokwe Police to bury his son.
He said since Wednesday the police has been constantly paying him unwanted visits and forcing him to bury his son.
 “They have been visiting me home and at my work place demanding that I bury my son,” Chokuda complained. 
“I refuse to be intimidated and why should i be forced to bury my son before the families of the convicts engage me as per shona tradition.
“ I know that if we bury our son Machaya and the other families will not come to engage with us and to procedurally do what our tradition recommends in trying to appease the spirit of the dead,” he vowed.
Chokuda said during the Friday summons to the police charge office he refused to go but his younger brother who went told the police to go ahead with the burial themselves if they want Moses to be buried without compensation.
Moses’ body is still in the police metallic coffin at Gokwe center District hospital. Tavengwa says even though subjected to pressure he will not bury his late son until he has been compensated.
Chokuda blames the police for trying to protect the Machaya family and others. In an interview with the chronicle, Jason Machaya showed his willingness to engage the Chokuda’s family to compensate as per tradition.