Gono Describes Rumours Of His Death As Madness

Zimbabwe and the rest of the world were awash with rumours on Friday that Gono had died in a horrific car crash on Thursday.

But speaking in a telephone interview with Radio VOP, Gono said the reports were “rubbish” manufactured by people who want to destroy him but refused to give names.

“Does a dead man comment?  The reports of me being dead are nonsense, I am okay and nothing of that sort happened , not even a puncture. When I talk people complain and when I keep quite people say I’m dead.

“All those wishing me dead or some such development because they are tired of seeing me around and quietly going about my daily chores, may have to bear with me a little longer because my time for accidents or death isn’t, according to my creator not yet up.

“I and my family and friends don’t mind however receiving condolence gifts and messages from the same quarters responsible for this nasty rumour so we can have a feel of how generous they will be with their words and pockets when I’m really gone.

“Please send condolence gifts to your nearest charity and messages to your favourite newspaper. It’s real fun up here and no sweat guys,” said Gono sarcastically.

He said he was busy with his work when news filtered through that he had perished in an accident. Since he became central bank governor in 2003, Gono has been the subject of many rumours including reports of being arrested on many occasions.

On at least three occasions, rumours would fly that he had been fired by President Robert Mugabe. Gono is said to be busy working out retrenchment packages for RBZ employees who are in the process of being retrenched.

He refused to comment further. Gono has created enemies since assuming office at both Zanu PF that the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).