Gono Unleashes Snipers on Kereke

Kereke is now pleading for protection from the courts for what he says are threats on his life. In court papers, the former advisor alleged Gono had also recently sent two armed men to threaten Kereke.

The threats on Kereke, seen as the tipping point to the raging row, appear to be attempts to muzzle him after he made startling disclosures that Gono stole millions from the RBZ for his own personal gain.

This week Gono allegedly unleashed another two hit-men to trail and threaten Kereke.

The alleged hitmen, George Nyauye and Philip Dendere, both employed by the Reserve Bank in the security division, were arrested while in the process of brutally attacking Kereke’s personal driver, Privilege Maturure.

The brutal attack took place at Kereke’s medical centre in Harare’s Mt Pleasant suburb.

 The alleged hit-men caused a stir which left onlookers stunned.

This was after the two alleged hit men had trailed Kereke throughout the day, and later followed him to his medical centre where they allegedly caused a stir attacking his driver.

The driver is recovering at a local hospital in Harare.

 He sustained severe injuries, according to medical reports filed at the courts.

The assailants, however, failed to lay their hands on Kereke because the police arrived at the scene and caught them in the act.

The assailants appeared in court last Wednesday, charged with assault and the trial is scheduled to open on the 7th of April.

The two were back in court las Friday to answer to separate charges of trailing and threatening the former RBZ advisor, Kereke.

The trial date for this second case has been pencilled for the 10th of April.

In submissions Kereke is pleading for protection from the courts for what he says are growing threats to his life from Gono.

Kereke’s troubles seem to stem from the startling revelations he made recently accusing Gono of stealing millions of greenbacks for his own use from the central bank.

Kereke also dropped a bombshell by disclosing that he wrote assignments, thesis and examinations that earned Gono a doctoral degree in strategic management. 

Gono has not responded to the damning allegations despite being accorded the opportunity to do so by the local media.