Government Free Maize Seed Failing To Germinate

Seed is distributed through the Grain Marketing Board (GMB).

‘I got the seed from Vuti GMB depot that never germinated. I will have to look for other alternatives.’ said Mathias Makopa resettled at Chiuwa farm here.

An Agriculture Rural Extension officer covering Vuti said: ‘We have received those complaints from resettled and communal farmers but we suspect this has to do with storage.’

Those who received their agricultural inputs under a separate programme called Presidential Well- Wishers Agriculture Scheme were facing the same problem.

‘The seed maize is taking long to germinate,” said another official from Magunje’s GMB.

Government invested US $33 million in the free inputs farming scheme to benefit small holder farmers but critics say only Zanu (PF) members have benefitted.

Dennis Kugarakupa, a Karoi vendor selling seed maize at the black-market said he had received complaints from his clients about the ‘fake seed maize’ from GMB.

‘These complaints have affected our business,’ said the vendor.

An official at Karoi GMB said, ‘We will keep records of such complaints and refer to seed houses who can respond to that.’

Zimbabwe aims to boost food security following nearly a decade long crisis after the controversial land reform.