‘Government should mitigate transport crisis’

Government should put into consideration the need to revoke ZUPCO monopoly and allow other players to provide passenger conveyancing services, given the prevailing public transport crisis.
ZUPCO buses are being overwhelmed by workers in the formal sector who resumed operations after the Covid 19 lockdown was eased to level 2. The situation is exercebated by the unavoidable social distance requirement for passengers. Ironically, at all bus termini the large and impatient numbers do not follow this rule.
By Tafadzwa Goliati
Most people are queueing up at  3 or 4am so as to be at work by 8am. They are getting home  between 7 and 9pm. They have little time to rest and enjoy family life.
More often than not, many are forced to commute in private vehicles and pick up trucks, where the social distancing rule does not apply and some passengers do not wear face masks.
Government should allow  passenger service vehicles that
abide by the Ministry of Health and Child Care and WHO requirements and road rules and regulations to provide public transport services. Commuter omnibus transporters must also belong to bona fide associations.
Passengers Association Of Zimbabwe president Tafadzwa Goliati
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