Government To Launch Medium Term Plan

“The MTP will build on foundations laid by STERP (February—December 2009) and the 3 Year Macroeconomic policy and Budget Framework (STERP II),” the ministry of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion said.

MTP runs from 2011 up to 2015.

The ministry said the MTP is set to maintain macroeconomic stability and restore the economy’s capacity to produce goods and services competitively.

It said this will be achieved through the transformation of the economy from being a producer of primary commodities to value addition and new knowledge based industries. MTP will strive for balanced development and equal opportunities for all.

“The launch will be preceded by an economic planning business session,” the ministry said.

Analysts say government’s major undoing has been implementation. Since independence government has launched various blueprints to grow the economy but the documents were not followed through.