Govt Offers Mahachi $100 000 Exit Package

Negotiations for former Harare Town Clerk, Dr Tendai Mahachi’s exit package have reached a deadlock.

Dr Mahachi is demanding US$1 million but the government is said to have offered him US$100 000.

Highly placed sources within Town House say Dr Mahachi, who had initially demanded US$3 million, has revised his package down to US$1 million, a figure which the city fathers rejected and reduced by half to US$500 000.

It is alleged that the council then forwarded the package to Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Permanent Secretary, Engineer George Mlilo, who further slashed the amount to US$100 000.

The deadlock has seen the three parties failing to agree on the exit package, stalling the appointment of a new town clerk.

Meanwhile, the jostling for the top council post continues with Acting Town Clerk, Mrs Josephine Ncube strategically positioning herself while Human Capital Director, Dr Cainos Chingombe is also eyeing the top post.  

Some insiders say the jostling is beginning to cost council business as the Acting Town Clerk is appointing juniors to act in her position when she is away, sidelining directors who are senior.