Govt should use lockdown period to revamp health sector: CODE

By Stephen Chadenga

Coalition of Democrats (CODE) leader Trust Chikohora has said
government should use the 30-day Covid-19 lockdown period to restore
its ailing health system if any meaningful gain is to be achieved to
combat the pandemic.

The former Common Markets for Eastern and Southern Africa business
council secretary-general and Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce
president said given the informal nature of the country’s economy
prolonged lockdowns were no longer feasible.

“We need to find ways to live with this pandemic,” Chikohora said in
an interview.

“Government therefore needs to use these 30 days (of lockdown) to
enhance our health delivery facilities in order to cope with the
pandemic. In fact, we were supposed to be doing this since March last
year (at the onset of the coronavirus outbreak in the country).

He added: “Simply locking down and doing nothing will not work.”

Chikohora said there was need for government to start rolling out the
Covid-19 vaccine during the lockdown period.

“Government must now be using these 30 days to roll out the vaccine
like what other countries are doing,” he said.

“This is how we can embrace the new normal and move forward as a nation.”

Last month President Emmerson Mnangagwa said government had activated
preparations for a nationwide rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine after it
(government) concluded two extensive studies to assess readiness for
the distribution of innoculation injections.

Critics however blame Mnangagwa’s administration for not doing much in
preventing the spread of the pandemic with the country recording 24 256 cumulative cases and 589 deaths by this Wednesday