Govt to demolish two schools

The demolishing of the two schools – Madotshwa and Mpofu primary schools – follows the release of US$2.6 million required for the construction of the Bubi – Lupane dam to ease water shortages in the Matabeleland North capital.

Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) Bubi-Lupane resident engineer, Paul Dengu confirmed in an interview that government is going to demolish schools in Lupane to pave way for the dam construction.

“The two schools (Madotshwa and Mpofu primary schools) have been affected by the dam construction. They will be demolished. They will have to be moved to other places,” Dengu noted, saying the nearest schools are 50 kilometers away.

But Dengu did not mention if the government had funds for the construction of the two schools or when the two schools will be constructed.

“Contractors are back on the site following the release of US$2.6 million for the project and we are expecting that the dam will be complete before December,” Dengu added.

Construction of the dam has been moving at a snails pace for years due to funding constraints. The Matabeleland North capital is struggling to attract industrial and commercial investors due to water shortages.

The Bubi-Lupane dam – whose holding capacity is 40 million cubic metres – is being constructed by Multi Force contractors and a sub contractor from China.

Construction of a number of planned projects for Matabeleland North having been moving at a snails pace for years or have stopped due to funding constraints, an argument however shot down by villagers there and activists in the region.

Activists in the region blame government for neglecting the wildlife rich province as seen by the failure to complete planned projects.

Lupane State University (LSU) is one such project whose construction has stopped. The university is still a dense forest, years after it was planned.