GPA Most Stressful- Professor Ncube

“Some people think that being in the inclusive government is a nice thing, and people (political parties) enjoy it. It is the most stressful thing ever, physically and mentally; extremely stressful,” he emphasised.

Ncube was briefing pastors in Bulawayo on Thursday on the progress made by the inclusive government to date.

He bemoaned the discord in the so-called government of national unity, maintaining that political parties put their interests ahead of national interests and in the process derailing implementation of government decisions.

“So you get stressed, which is why perhaps people end up saying let’s have elections tomorrow to get rid of this thing (GPA) because it is stressing,” he said.

Ncube likened the inclusive government to an ailing marriage where all terms are renegotiated every day, saying the only solution out of it is a legitimate election.

“That’s how tough being there is; extremely tough. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in it longer than necessary,” he stressed.

On the new constitution, which religious leaders said was taking longer than necessary to be completed and pave way for the next election, Ncube said it was better for the process to take longer and produce the desired result, adding the 2008 election violence should never be repeated in Zimbabwe.