GPA Talks Suspended Over Sanctions

Zanu PF politburo met at their party headquarters with Mugabe in attendance in a statement resolved that for on-going inter-party negotiations to continue the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) which they accuse of calling for sanctions must call for their removal.

“The recent revelation by the British foreign secretary, David Milliband in the House of Commons exposing the treacherous of the MDC-T in the initiation and drafting of the sanctions against the people of Zimbabwe once again confirms our conviction that the MDC-T is a tool of the British and Western imperialism ready to destroy our economy,” Zanu PF deputy secretary for information and publicity, Ephraim Masawi said in a statement.

“The hypocrisy of the MDC-T’s denial of its role in the evil saga of imposing of the illegal sanctions now stands exposed for all to see.”

Masawi said his party has resolved that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s party must call for the removal of the sanctions or Zanu PF will suspend to make concessions in the on-going talks to resolve outstanding issues in the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

“It is clear now that for good faith to be restored to the GPA discussions action by Mr Tsvangirai on the removal of sanctions has become imperative,” Masawi said.

“The politburo therefore instructs its negotiators in the GPA to desist from  making concessions in the negotiations until the sanctions are removed and the pirate radio stations cease to pollute our airwaves.”

Zanu PF reiterated that the appointment of Reserve Bank Governor, Gideon Gono , Attorney General Johannes Tomana and the 10 provincial governors were “legitimate as they were done under the laws of the country.”

The unity government of Mugabe and Tsvangirai have been failing to resolve outstanding issues in the GPA for almost a year now since the inception of the unity government in February last year.