Grace Mocks Chinese Products, Condoms, Homosexuality

The First Lady Grace Mugabe shocked thousands of Zanu PF supporters in Masvingo’s Mucheke stadium on Thursday when she opened her speech by a joke which mocks Chinese products. 

Although she tried to clear the air about the durability of Chinese goods before bursting into laughter, people who attended the rally felt that it was not proper for the First Lady to share the controversial joke with thousands of people who are awaiting for their economic salvation from China.

President Robert Mugabe was recently in China trying to convince them to intervene and rescue Zimbabwe from current economic challenges.

” A Zimbabwean lady got married to a Chinese national and they had a child. A few weeks later, the child died and the aunt who was mourning kept saying she knew that the child was going to die within a very short period. After some interrogations the aunt said the death of the child was obvious because Chinese products were not durable,” Mugabe said before bursting into laughter.

She sealed the joke by saying women from Masvingo should be careful and avoid getting married to Chinese men.

” Saka ndinoti musabariswe nema Chinese. (so I urge you to avoid having children with Chinese men),” she said before embarking on her 65 minute long speech.

The joke seemed to confirm the perception among the people that China is not a genuine friend as she can only bring substandard products to Zimbabwe.

“You have heard it from the First Lady today, she confessed that Chinese products are fake – they dont last. That was not a joke, it was a true confession of what is happening in Zimbabwe,” said a Zanu PF supporter who attended the rally.

Turning to her speech, the First Lady pleaded for unity in Masvingo. She described Masvingo as the most divided province. Dr Mugabe said she was afraid of addressing people in Mucheke because she was informed about the warring factions within the party.

“At first I was afraid to come here… remember I have spies who can tell me what is happening in Masvingo. In fact my spies are too many, even a person seated next you might be my spy so be careful, I know what you are doing,” she said.

Dr Mugabe warned the provincial chairlady Shylet Uyoyo who is known to be in the Mujuru faction and other women being used to promote factionalism.

“I will talk to her before I leave. I want her to shun factionalism… you have seen her (Uyoyo), given the platform they get confused,” she said in reference to Uyoyo who had earlier indicated that she saw nothing bad in factionalism as long those involved do not destroy the party.

Towards the end of her speech, the First lady brought another shocker when she openly denounced the use of condoms. 

“Let us not abuse young girls in trying to cure HIV … we can’t cure HIV. It’s equally bad even if we use condoms…it is the same as homosexuality. My husband (the President) has always told you that his dogs and pigs are better than some individuals because they know their sexual partners,” she added.

The rally in Mucheke stadium was attended by several ministers and Zanu PF politburo members.


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