Grace Mugabe Addresses Cross Border Traders

The First Lady, Grace Mugabe, has appreciated the role that cross-border traders play in building the national economy.

Dr Mugabe was addressing thousands of men and women who cross the country’s borders to buy and sell goods and services who gathered at her Mazowe Children’s Home Tuesday to show their support for her and President Robert Mugabe.

She began her address by appreciating the large number of women at the gathering which she said indicated women are dominating the informal trading sector.

The First Lady said she was once one of them as she rose from selling small items at flea markets, although her husband would object to her leading that kind of life as the wife of the President. She said from flea markets she graduated into shops.

Grace Mugabe said small traders play a big role as they contribute to the country’s Gross Domestic Product as evidenced in 2008 when the sector became critical to Zimbabwe’s survival following the devastating sanctions imposed on the country.

She said the sector contributes to households educating children and providing other necessities of life.

Addressing the same gathering, the First Lady said the country’s leadership should focus on implementing ZIM ASSET in order to ensure the ordinary people have food on the table instead of being obsessed with toppling the President.

Mugabe said the people of Zimbabwe need accommodation and it is the duty of government to provide shelter to its people and other basic necessities such as good infrastructure and facilities to fulfil the promises made by the ruling party during the last election.

She called on the leadership in the party to set examples, saying the time has come for Zanu PF to cleanse itself by removing rogue elements within its ranks.

She said business, the party and individuals should join hands and implement ZIM ASSET for national success, underpinning the importance of preserving peace, unity and love among the people.