Grace Mugabe's Brother, Reward Marufu Dies

He is believed to have died at an undisclosed location on Tuesday evening after a long illness.

His death, comes a few weeks after Mugabe lost his sister Sabina after a long illness. As if this is not enough, Mugabe’s remaining sister, Bridgette is said to be bed ridden at Parirenyatwa Hospital from an undisclosed illness.

Marufu, a brother to first lady Grace, was a controversial figure in Zimbabwean politics and made headlines  in the 90s when he claimed huge sums of money from the War Victims Compensation fund arguiong that he had been disabled during the liberation struggle.

He claimed that he was 95 percent disabled and benefitted from the fund.

In 1999, Marufu, a former Zanla combatant, was recalled home from a diplomatic posting in Canada after the Canadian police raided his home over charges of severely assaulting his daughter.

A top security official told Radio VOP Wednesday that Marufu had been suffering from illness for many years.

“He has rested. He was very ill for some time and may his should rest in peace,” said the security official.