Grave Mistake To Endorse Mugabe – MDC-T

“There was grave silence from these politicians who are one day hoping to lead Zimbabwe. These Zanu (PF) politicians have been working very hard behind the scenes to replace Mugabe but when the opportunity to challenge him arose at the conference, they did not have the courage to challenge him. As the MDC, we are shocked by the silence that came from Zanu (PF) on this issue. The Zanu (PF) delegates committed political suicide by endorsing Mugabe, soon to be 88 years old, to stand in the next elections against the people’s leader, President Morgan Tsvangirai,” said the MDC in a statement.

“The resolutions passed in Bulawayo are the same resolutions that were made at the Zanu (PF) Congress held in Mutare last year.  So what else was new that a whole party assembled to talk about? Nothing new came up from this conference except the usual regurgitation of populist mantras of past meetings,” it said, adding that the Bulawayo resolutions showed a clear lack of depth in Zanu (PF) and a deficit of brave leaders within that party as they cannot stand up to Mugabe and challenge him, and yet they were quick to speak their minds behind closed doors.

“Courage seems to have deserted Emmerson Mnangagwa, Joice Mujuru and other like minded people at the eleventh hour.  The two have shown ambitions to take over from Mugabe as Zanu (PF) First Secretary and President but they could not take up the challenge in Bulawayo.

The MDC said failure to debate Mugabe’s succession showed that the Bulawayo indaba was a big yawn where party members allegedly managed to wine and dine at the expense of millions of suffering Zimbabweans. The MDC-T said the US$1,5 million reportedly spent on food and drink was obscene at a time when the World Food Programme has warned that over 1 million vulnerable Zimbabweans are faced with starvation between now and the next harvest in March 2012.

“The deliberations at the conference did not bring anything new to both Zanu PF and the country except for Robert Mugabe to dictatorially declare that he will stand as Zanu PF’s presidential candidate in the next election and for him to illegally declare that the elections will be held next year,” reads part of the statement.

The MDC T said it was ready for elections once a roadmap to free and fair elections is completed.  “This will give the MDC an opportunity to defeat Zanu PF at the ballot box, form the next government and bring real change to the people of Zimbabwe. The people of Zimbabwe are ready to vote for real change, and defend it against evil machinations of Zanu PF,” read part of the statement.