Great Zimbabwe University Facing Staff Challenges

“Your Excellence, we are struggling to lure qualified personnel here because we have nothing to offer them as of now. We only have two Professors and less than 10 doctors – a situation which has seen us struggling to meet the required standards as a university, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Obert Maravanyika told Mugabe at the university’s fifth graduation ceremony.

“Most of the courses which we are supposed to offer require highly qualified personnel but due to economic hardships, we failed to move with times,” Maravanyika lamented.

Meanwhile, Mugabe capped only 495 students as more than 500 dropped out of school in 2008 after failing to raise their school fees.

“Most of our students who were supposed to be here with us today failed to make it because they were affected by economic hardships of 2008 and they left school,” added Maravanyika.

Most of the students who left school went to South Africa and Botswana where they are doing menial jobs for their survival.

However, besides the challenges, Maravanyika told Mugabe that his university had opened sub-offices in Gwanda and Mutare where it was teaching visiting students. He also revealed that he is making efforts to make sure that they send some of their students to China and Germany on student exchange programmes.