Group Compose Song On Late Mujuru

The musical group, Machinja Unlimited, recorded the songs in Botswana last week and the CD is expected to be on the market next week.

“We have just finished recording a CD in memory of the late legendary and genuine national general Mujuru. We need to tie up some loose ends before the official lunch of the album next week. General Mujuru was a man of the people and one of the few people in Zanu (PF) who could tolerate divergent views,” said Christopher Akim, the leader of the six band member.

Akim said as soon as the CD is ready they will take it to the national broadcaster, ZBC so that it can be aired.

“We want to see if this CD is going to receive air play from ZBC which has been incessantly playing songs and jingles praising certain individuals in Zanu (PF).This album is not insulting and calling names to anybody but it is just highlighting the great works of general Mujuru,” said Akim.

One of the songs on the album is called “General of the people”.

The song castigates some senior army officers like Brigadier general Douglas Nyikayaramba who have openly aligned themselves to Zanu (PF). The song says during Mujuru’s era as the ZNA boss, there was discipline in the force and soldiers were respected by many people. A lot of people have been arrested for either playing or found in possession of Movement for Democratic Change songs.