Guinea Striker Insists She Is Female

“I first heard these accusations back in 2006 and 2008,” 21-year-old striker Genoveva Anonma, who plays for Jena in the women’s Bundesliga, told German daily Bild.
“I have already been (gender) tested, which I find offensive.
“These accusations come because I am fast and strong, but I know that I am definitely a woman!”
Anonma’s club president at Jena, Marcus Etzel, backed the player.
“It’s completely absurd. Of course Genoveva is a woman and we are very happy she plays for us,” Etzel told Bild.
Anonma was responding to accusations that her team fielded male players in last week’s all-Africa final, when Nigeria beat defending champions Equatorial Guinea 4-2. The team from Guinea won the 2008 title.
Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea have both qualified for the women’s World Cup next year in Germany, from June 26 to July 17, but the Nigerians have accused their opponents of fielding “at least two men”.
Three players are under suspicion: sisters Salimata Simpore, 23, who scored in the final, and Biliguisa Simpore, 25, and Anonma.
According to Bild, Nigeria, Ghana and South African have all complained to championship organisers the Confederation of African Football (CAF) about the issue.
“Just as they did in 2008, Equatorial Guinea played with at least two men,” said Nigeria coach Eucharia Uche.
“The African union (CAF) must act immediately. If everything blows up next year in Germany, this could be terribly embarrassing for Africa.”
The strength and speed of the trio have made their opponents suspicious.
“You only need to have physical contact with them on the pitch to know they are men,” said Ghana defender Diana Amkomah.