Gukurahundi Playwright Arrested in Lupane

Moyo, who is also the author of Gukurahundi theatre play ‘1983 The Years before and After’ was arrested at Lupane Business Centre while conducting a skills training workshop, despite a High Court order that gave a green light to the meeting.

Lupane police had initially banned NYDT workshop last week but the youth organisation through Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) this week secured a High Court order to proceed with the meeting on Friday.

However armed police officers stormed the NYDT training workshop being attended by over 30 youths at Lupane Business Centre before arresting Moyo.

“Police in Lupane have arrested the NYDT Senior Programs officer, Bhekimusa Moyo for conducting a life skills training workshop in the area.

“The police disrupted the workshop that was attended by 30 young people drawn from different wards in Lupane, saying they do not recognise the High Court clearance. The law enforcement agents also stated that the NYDT did not follow the correct procedures for acquiring clearance for such meetings,” said NYDT information department said in statement Friday night.

NYDT information department added that Lupane police also barred Moyo’s lawyer Lison Ncube of ZLHR from seeing his client before dragging him out of the police station and locking all the gates. 

“Police officers have locked the gate to the station denying entry to anyone visiting the Moyo. Despite managing to gain entry to the station through tactful means, the lawyer was dragged out of the station and warned not to visit the station in connection with NYDT cases by the Officer in charge, before being locked outside,” NYDT information department said. 

Matabeleland north province is now regarded as the most hostile province for human rights organisations and opposition political parties as police there have arrested their members and blocked several meetings in recent months.

According ZLHR police in Matabeleland North have so far arrested or harassed more than 40 politicians and human rights activists since January 2011.