Gutu Police Force Villagers To Build Houses For Them

By Roy Chikara.
Gutu,January 03, 2013-Cash-strapped villagers from Chin’ombe communal lands in Gutu have
expressed concern over efforts by Zimbabwe Republic Police(ZRP) officers at
Bhasera Police station to force them to contribute money to build them
residential houses.
Villagers told Radio VOP in a recent visit to their area that
they were irked by the police officers who instructed village heads to
force them to contribute $10 per village towards the construction of
houses at Bhasera business center.
Cin’ombe Communal lands have over 300 villages and villagers could be
forced to contribute at least $1 each but questioned why they should
contribute towards providing accommodation for police officers who are
paid by government and receive allowances for that.
“We are not happy with this, our village heads summoned us and told us
that we must contribute money for accommodation of police officers.
What  boggles our mind is that is it the duty of villagers to provide
accommodation for police officers who are on government pay roll?,”
questioned Taurai Muchapedza from Chin’ombe.
Other villagers said the move was day light robbery by the law
enforcement agents.
“These guys want to dupe us we have never heard of this since this
police station was established in the 1980s. This is robbery in broad
day light,” said a villager who declined to be named for fear of
Masvingo Police spokesperson, Inspector Peter Zhanero dismissed the
allegations as false.
“That’s a lie, there is nothing like that how can Police officers do
that. Police officers will never do that maybe the villagers have a
score to settle with their officers there and they want to tarnish
their image. The community can only assist police officers in rural
areas to build charge offices and other public facilities but not
their houses,” said Zhanero.
But villagers insisted that their traditional leaders had summoned
them to contribute the money for houses at the growth point where
other people rent houses.
“They want us to build them house but Bhasera is growing and has
residential areas where people can rent house just like those in
cities and towns. They must rent or built houses for themselves with
the money they get from their salaries,’’ said Bhula Makurwe.