Gutu RDC commissions 35 motorbikes for councilors

By Precila Takabvirakare

In a move widely viewed as a boost on service delivery, the Gutu Rural District Council (RDC) has procured 35 motorbikes for its councillors to facilitate effective service delivery and engagement.

The motorbikes, bought on a loan facility for the councillors, were supplied by Perfoma Plus Company in Harare and was each bought for $109 000 in l0cal currency.

Gutu RDC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alexander Mutembwa said they decided to buy the motorbikes because councilors were finding it difficult to cover the length and breadth of their wards which was affecting service delivery in terms of engagement and feedback.

“We decided to buy these motorbikes for our councilors because they had complained that they were failing to cover all parts of their wards because of distance since most of the wards are very big and we hope service delivery will now be improved.

“We bought 32 motorbikes instead of 41 because some councilors cited that they have personal cars so they do not need the bikes with others citing various personal reasons,” said Mutembwa.

He said the councilors were not being given the motorbikes for free, it is a loan scheme whereby each councilor is going to pay and equivalent of US$47 per month for 36 months and this will be deducted from councillors’ allowances.