Gutu Sex Workers Wash Privates In Village Well

GUTU – Villagers in the Magwidi area near Mpandawana are appalled by the behavior of some sex workers in the area whom they say are posing a health hazard by washing their private parts in the area’s communal well.

The villagers said the sex workers use a nearby rocky outcrop for casual sex encounters and then go to the water source to clean themselves.

Magwidi village, which lies a few kilometres east of Mpandawana, is a favourite place of residents for dozens of sex workers who ply their trade in the town.

The sex workers reportedly bring their clients from the numerous night spots at Mpandawana and spend short periods by the rocks.

“After entertaining their clients, they go and clean their private parts in the well that gives us our water for domestic use.

“We are really sickened by their horrible behaviour and their actions leave us exposed to diseases and something must be done about it,” one villager said.

Another one said the disgusting behavior has been going on for some time but nothing has been done though most villagers know about it.

“We have tried talking to them with no success. The well is a source of drinking water for many villagers but the sex workers do not care as they fetch their own water from protected wells where they live.

“We do not know what will happen to us since the well is our only source of water,” the villagers said.

They complained that a number of robberies had taken place near the well at night and they suspect some of the clients brought into the area by the sex workers were responsible. 

“We strongly suspect these strangers that are brought here by the sex workers. Recently a Gutu United Primary School teacher nearly lost close to $500 to three men who accosted him from the bush in that area.

“If this continues we will have no option but to advise some of our fellow villagers to remove their tenants from the area,” said the villagers.

However, sex workers who spoke to this publication denied that they were misusing the communal well.

They admitted they sometimes used the rocky outcrop to entertain clients who would be in a hurry but said there was no good reason to suspect these clients were behind the robberies at the well.