Gweru Electronic Parking System Stalls

By Sydney Gokomere

 Gweru, September 27, 2016 – THE joint venture between Gweru City Council and a local company, Zemqos to roll out an automated pre-paid parking system collapsed after the company failed to meet tender specifications, a top council official has said.

Acting town clerk, Edgar Mwedzi said the local authority is still waiting for responses from the State Procurement Board (SPB) to flight new proposals for bidders after the deal with Zemqos hit a brick wall.

Early this year, council and Zemqos entered into partnership worth $1,1 million to install an electronic parking system in the city to replace the manual system.

“After flighting the tender, we had responses from several bidders with the bidders opting for a public private partnership rather than a contract in installing the electronic parking system,” Mwedzi said.

“We had to restart the request for proposal document after the State Procurement Board indicated that the responses from bidders did not meet requirement s as per our advertisement.”

Mwedzi said the response from the SPB is still to be conveyed hence the delay in the installation of the new system.

At the moment, the local authority relies on the manual system, which was introduced in 2012 but which authorities say is unreliable as council has been failing to stop revenue leakages through corruption by workers who collect the parking fees.


Council pegged the fees for parking a car in the Central Business District at a dollar per hour while clamping is $30 and towing away clamped vehicles is $80.