Gweru financier in home seekers COVID-19 package

By Stephen Chadenga

A GWERU-based financier, Tinrue Finance, has set up a COVID-19 package to assist their clients, mostly home seekers to clear their debts and avoid losing their properties in the face of challenges brought out by the effects of the pandemic, a senior official with the institution has said.

Tinrue Finance chief executive officer, Nyasha Gonese said that the company had set aside a fund to assist clients settle debts to local companies through affordable loans to avoid losing their stands or houses.

He however could not disclose the figures for the intervention but said the financial institution had taken into consideration the difficulties faced by people in both the informal and formal sectors.

“If you run the danger of losing your stand or house due to challenges in monthly payments to service providers during the COVID- 19 period, Tinrue Finance is advancing affordable loans through debt factoring to affected persons,” said Gonese.

“Instead of losing your property back to the seller, we come in and settle the debt for you and you then arrange a flexible payment plan.”

Gonese added:”We have taken this as a step towards assisting business and individuals to stay afloat during COVID-19-induced lockdown. We are complementing government programmes to rescue businesses through a variety of stimulus packages.”

He said the move was in line with government policy to ensure that people have access to cheaper and affordable houses.

Tinrue Finance is a member of TM group of companies that has interests in agriculture, health services, housing and construction and ICT.