Gweru prophet in Angola for prophetic school

By Stephen Chadenga

Gweru-born Prophet Gerry King is in Angola where people with spiritual
gifts receive impartation in a bid to spread the Word of God through
prophecy, Radiovop has established.
Impartation is the transference of spiritual gifts from one man or
woman of  God to another, especially through the laying-on of hands.
King said he has met prominent people in Angola who were assisting him
during his stay.
“I am hosting the prophetic school here in Angola,”King said.
“I also got the help of Angola national basketball coach, Paulo Macedo
and  his wife. I am very grateful to them.”
He said he also met with one of the country’s attorney generals,
Celestino  Paulo Benguela.
“It’s humbling when you see those with money, power and influence
coming to  God,”he said.
“Surely there is a vacuum in every human heart that only God can fill.”
Last year the man of the cloth hosted an impartation conference in
Harare where international visitors from the United States, Jamaica,
South Africa and the Bahamas visited the school to receive spiritual
King who is currently in Angola after going there in March this year
is also an author of inspirational books.
He formed his King’s Palace International Church a few years ago.