Gweru Secures Funding For Skip Bins

By Sydney Gokomere

Gweru, November 17, 2016 – GWERU City Council has secured funding to buy 10 large skip bins with nine of them already delivered as part of the local authority’s efforts to improve efficiency in refuse collection, a city manager has revealed.

Tsunga Mhangami, chairperson of the commission running the affairs at the municipality, said one skip bin, a refuse truck and compactor specially designed  to lift the bins are expected to be delivered before the end of the year.


“So far nine out of ten skip bins have been delivered from a company in Harare and we wait for one (skip bin) and a truck to lift the bins which we expect to get before the end of this year,” Mhangami told RadioVOP in an interview on Wednesday.


“The skip bins will result in marked improvement in the city’s waste management programme as the bins will be placed at busy points such as bus termini and shopping centres where a lot of garbage is generated.”


He said the efforts are expected to see council meeting its target of collecting refuse both in the city centre and residential areas.


Over the years, uncollected refuse have become an eyesore in the Midlands capital with health experts warning of possible disease outbreaks.