Gweru Transforms Beer Hall Into Revenue Hall

By Mark Mhukayesango

GWERU, November 24,2015-The city council here has begun renovating a beer hall in Mkoba 16
transforming it into a state of the art revenue hall for the convenience
of residents who used to walk a long distance to pay their rates in
Mkoba 6, Radio VOP has learnt.
The Tsunga Mhangami led commission, identified the now defunct beer
hall which was part of Go Beer beer parlours and invested $20 000 into
the project which when complete will service 20 000 families in Mkoba
and Woodlands surbubs.
Mkoba is most densely populated suburb in Gweru and has been operating with
only one revenue hall,whilst some residents travel to town to pay
their bills.
The commission believes that the new revenue hall will expedite the
paying of bills as residents now have payment facilities in their
Mhangami said “There are people on the ground as we speak. The hall
will service 20 000 households.”
“We have been facing low revenue inflows in Mkoba surbubs so we
believe this facility will improve our inflows,” he said.
Last year, Gweru council shut down Go Beer Halls as they were no
longer viable for the local authority ,hence the beer parlours were
left unoccupied.
Mkoba residents who spoke to Radio VOP expressed joy over the new
revenue hall saying having one hall was not convenient.
“Now we don’t have to walk long distances anymore. Council has show
that there is innovation because i don’t see the logic of letting old
buildings waste away when they can be used for something better,”
Mercy Makamure ,a Mkoba resident said.
“i think this commission is better than the Mayor and councillors put
together because since they came, we have seen progress,” Makamure
The commission led by Mhangami has been on the offensive since
assuming office in August , seeking to boost revenue for the cash
strapped council.
London Mapingire, a Mkoba Resident said more council properties need
to be converted into meaningful ventures.
“Council should continue to unlock value in their properties and boost
revenue other than looking to rate payers only as a source of income,”
said Mapingire who reiterated the need for an audit into council’s
idle properties.
Gweru Residents Association (GRA) chairperson Cornelia Selipiwe
welcomed the development saying it the revenue hall is convenient for
He however said Mkoba surbub needed more since it is the biggest
surbub in Gweru.
“We need more revenue halls so that we can service more residents.
There are other services like Housing which need to be housed near the
residents,” said Selipiwe.
“Council has for long taken for granted the patience of its residents
by withholding crucial facilities like revenue halls and fire
services, but now is the time to act. This is the kind of leadership
we desire,” said Selipiwe.
Council has many properties lying idle after it failed to maintain
services over the years and the council has since called for
applicants for interested in selling liquor, amidst an outcry from
Residents say that the beer halls disturb their children who study
during the night.
Council also has the Mayoral Mansion which has been lying in waste for
the past 10 years.
It was last occupied by Sessel Zvidzai in 2005 and has been looted off
its properties by councillors over the years.
The white elephant had been earmarked for renovations and transformed
into a lodge, but nothing has been done since last year.
Council is losing thousands of dollars in accommodation for
commissioners who were supposed to stay at the Mayoral Mansion.