Gweru youth organisation in charity work at old people’s home

By Stephen Chadenga

A Gweru based charity youth organisation, Helping Tribe last week did charity work at Batanai Old People’s Home by making renovations at the institution’s orchard and garden as well as labelling its rooms and billboard.

Helping Tribe founder, Emmanuel Mufandauya said the organisation
comprised youths talented in different fields including arts, printing
and entrepreneurship.

“We have realised that as youths we have different talents we can use
in doing charity work,”Mufandauya told Radiovop.

“Last Saturday we were at Batanai Old People’s Home where we made
renovations to the orchard and garden. We also changed the
institution’s billboard and the labelling of rooms.”

He said the main sponsors of the group were two printing companies, GL Print and Shemprint with the two printing firms run by young

The youths also treated the elderly to an early Christmas dinner.

GL Print managing director, Moses Chirara said as youths they were
driven by the passion to changes the lives of the less privileged not
only in the Midlands capital but the province as a whole.

“We have youths who are idle and spend their time consuming drugs and alcohol as a result of the economic situation,”he said.

“But we want to make a difference and it can start by helping the
elderly hence our gesture at Batanai.”

His sentiments were echoed by Shemprint chief executive, Shem Mposi who said youths were the future leaders and needed to be responsible.

“Great future leaders need to start taking responsibility by engaging
in charity work,”Mposi said.

Besides working with the Old People’s Home, Helping Tribe has also
donated sanitary ware to disadvantaged girls and assisted Rutendo
Children’s Home and Mudavanhu care centre.

Chirumanzu legislator, Barbara Rwodzi said it was commendable that a group of young men understood the need to help girls with sanitary

“What these young men are doing is quite commendable particularly at a time when we are commemorating 16 days of activism against gender based violence,”she said.

“These young Midlanders are a shining example in the province. They
have taken it upon themselves to assist disadvantaged girls with
sanitary wear at a time people have tended to forget the less
privileged in our communities.”