Gweru's Road Network, Buildings In Bad State

By Sydney Gokomere

 Gweru, October 30, 2016 – GWERU’S road network, buildings and plants are in a bad state and the city council has allocated $6 million for the maintenance of the infrastructure, a senior council official has said.


Presenting the 2017 budget recently, finance director, Edgar Mwedzi said there was need to rehabilitate the infrastructure to enhance service delivery in the city.


“Our plant, buildings and roads are in bad state of repair and this budget head has been allocated $6,130,340 representing 12% of the total $41 million budget,” Mwedzi said.


“A separate allocation of $1,250,000 has been provided for planned maintenance of water, sewerage treatment plants and also vehicles and equipment and this represents 3% of total budget.”


Last year, the local authority embarked on patching potholes as a temporary measure owing to financial constraints.


With the rains coming anytime soon, the city needs to move with speed to purchase equipment and material used in road maintenance.


A report released by the department of engineering services last year revealed that the local authority was only able to maintain a third of its surfaced road network due to lack of capital.


The city fathers also said the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration’s assistance in road maintenance had declined significantly.


Speaking at a Mine Entra Expo in Bulawayo recently Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister, Joram Gumbo admitted that the country’s roads are in a deplorable state.


Gumbo said government no longer receive donor funds to rehabilitate roads and there was need to use the available local resources to invest in infrastructural development.