Harare Brought To A Halt As Women Rapists Appear In Court

The three women dressed in designer clothes and fancy hairstyles looked unfazed by the bizarre charges that they are facing. They were quite relaxed as they appeared in the dock.

Sophie Tendai Ngwenya, 26, Netsai Monica Nhokwara, 24 and Rosemary Chakwizira, 28, attracted a huge crowd of onlookers when they were brought before Harare magistrate Kudakwashe Jarabini on Friday.

Seventeen men including a soldier and a policeman have stepped forward claiming that they were “raped” by three women who were recently found with sperm filled condoms in Gweru.

The trio is facing aggravated indecent assault charges. The women are suspected to be part of a syndicate of women “rapists” who have gone on a rampage along the country’s major highways, “raping” men at gunpoint for their sperms believed to be sold in South Africa to a sperm bank and for ritual purposes.

The women are jointly charged with Thulani Ngwenya, 24, who is believed to have been driving the car involved in the accident where the 33 condoms were discovered.

The state alleges that the women rushed to the scene of the accident to collect their “valuable loot” which was in the car that Ngwenya was driving.

They however could not salvage their valuable property after police arrived before them at the scene of the accident where they discovered the 33 condoms four of which were filled with sperms.

According to state papers, on various occasions the women would use different tricks to lure men before spraying them with unknown chemicals.

They would take advantage whenever a victim would have passed out and drive them to secluded places, where they would force them to drink some concoctions which were used to stimulate sexual desire, the court heard.

The court was told that the women would take turns to have sexual intercourse with the victim before leaving him lying unconscious.

The women were remanded in custody until October 28 was they will have an opportunity to make bail application.