Harare City Council Impounds 400 Kombis

The Harare City Council has impounded more than 400 commuter omnibuses as the war against errant operators’ rages on.

The introduction of the commuter omnibus holding bay has brought a new twist to the fight between the city council and commuter omnibus operators.

Council has tightened the screws in an effort to force the commuter omnibus to conform to the new rules and bring back sanity to the central business district.

Once a commuter omnibus is impounded for flouting the new procedures, the owner will only be able to collect it after 14 days and he or she will be forced to fork out an amount which is between US$393 and US$1 500.

Harare City Council spokesperson Leslie Gwindi said the council will not release the commuter omnibuses until the owners have fully paid, adding those who have increased the fares from five rand to a dollar are going to be dealt with accordingly.

Gwindi said they are going to be reigning in on taxis plying the Avondale route and those doing the Fourth Street down town route popularly known as Mushikashika.

A commuter omnibus operator who spoke on condition of anonymity said in as much as he understands that the council is trying to bring back sanity into the capital, releasing vehicles after 14 days was not fair.

Two more holding bays are going to be created to cater for the Market Square rank and commuter omnibuses plying the Mabvuku route.