Harare City Council Income In 2-yr Stagnation

The Harare City Council’s revenue inflows have remained static for the past two years, with US$260 million collected by year ending 31 August 2015.

Recently appointed finance director Justin Mandizha told stakeholders at the 2016 budget consultative meeting that new strategies of collecting revenue must be found instead of relying on residents who are already hard pressed.

The council is owed US$380 million by debtors and owes creditors US$171 million.

It says it only managed to raise US$260 million as at August 2015, a figure which is similar to what was raised during the same period last year.

“Yes the coming year is not looking good in terms of liquidity, but we are looking at non-traditional ways of increasing cash inflows,” he said.

Stakeholders who were present during the meeting questioned why the city council is not addressing the issue of replacing leaking old pipes and why it is slow in responding to reports of burst water pipes.

Acting Town Clerk Josephine Ncube says council has invested in a new system and they are updating the new suburbs.

“In terms of bringing in properties we have a team that is currently working on updating so that we maximise on revenue collection and we have accurate figures of the houses which need services,” she said.

The Harare City Council used to rely on beer outlets as a cash cow, but beer gardens have since been leased to private players.

Other business entities that can bring in revenue are allegedly being run to the ground