Harare City Council Owed $280m

The Harare City Council says despite the writing off of the $330 million debt its debtors continue to grow and it is currently owed US$278.2 million.

Despite the writing off of the debt by the government in July last year, council says residents have continued defaulting with those in the high density suburbs owing the city fathers US$70 million while those in the low density areas owe council US$50 million.

The government and parastatals owe a total of US$17.2 million while dormitory towns of Chitungwiza, Norton, Ruwa and Epworth owe the council a total of US$4.1 million.

In his presentation at the 2015 consultative budget meeting, Harare City Council Acting Finance Director Tendai Kwenda said as a result of the money it is owed the Harare City Council has outstanding payments amounting to millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, the Harare City Council has raked in US$500 000 from the Easipark deal and US$750 000 from City Park.

The contributions from the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority are said to have remained insignificant at US$1.2 million in the past year.