Harare Governor And Politburo Member Karimanzira Dies

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo confirmed Karimanzira’s death through an unconfirmed illness.

“He died at West End Clinic around 5am this morning. He was sick,” said Gumbo, who could not supply more details.

Asked if the party has made any arrangements so far, Gumbo said,” he died at 5am this morning and the time is still so short for any meaningful arrangement to be put in place.”

Karimanzira was Zanu PF’s secretary for finance and was among top allies to President Robert Mugabe who were put on the western sanctions list.

Zanu PF politicians say Karimanzira sat through during a party politburo meeting on Wednesday and left thereafter saying he was going
to collect his medication at Harare’s West End Clinic where he was subsequently admitted.

He is one of the longest serving officials in Mugabe’s government.

His and other governors’ appointment by Mugabe is among issues that are hotly being disputed by coalition government partners, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).