Harare Is 51% Male – Harare City Council Survey

“This is mainly because the males have come from the rural areas to find work here while their wives are left behind,” said a senior HCC official.

This is despite the fact that the nation’s population is about 52 percent female, according to the Central Statistical Office (CSO) now known as Zimbabwe Statistic office (Zimstats).

The official said this information had come out after a survey was done by the Council on the city’s population.

He said Harare currently has a population of 2,8 million and a growth rate of about 5,8 percent.

“The reticulation system is out-dated and can no longer cope with the increasing population,” the official said.

“Most of the equipment being used was built during the days when Ian Smith was a child. You can, therefore, imagine just how old the equipment is. It cannot cope any longer and we need lots of cash to maintain it.”

Smith is the late former Prime Minister of Rhodesia which became Zimbabwe on April 18, 1980 after a protracted liberation struggle.

The official said there were many “naughty citizens” who did not put their litter in the dust bins and thus the huge pile of dirt around the capital city which used to be known as the Sunshine City.

“We are working with the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) in trying to bring back the sunshine status of Harare,” he said.

“Unfortunately we do not have enough cash to do so and we need all your help at home. Just pick up the litter after yourself and do not just leave it lying there.”