Harare Man Loses Eyes To Thugs

A 26-year-old Harare man was attacked by thugs who gouged out his eyes.

Mayibongwe Madisa, who was coming from a local shopping centre was attacked and left unconscious only to be rescued by some good Samaritans.

After living for the past 26 years in Hatfield, Mayibongwe Madisa never dreamt that his life would take such an unexpected turn for the worst.

Mayibongwe was attacked by thugs who changed his life to a nightmare when they gouged out his eyes.

He also sustained head injuries in the attack.

Mayibongwe, who holds a Bachelors Degree in Entrepreneurship Development, said he has no clue about the next step to take but hopes through technology and well wishers, he will be able to partially restore his eye sight.   

Family members are in shock as the victim is a quiet and peace loving young man who never fought or argued with anyone.

His brother, Terrence said the family is devastated by the sad development and are now living in fear in the community were muggings are threatening the people’s lives.

His young wife, Amogelang was at pain to accept what has happened to her husband.

For the young man who has been robbed of not only his sight but even confidence, the permanent damage on his sight might be a lifetime trauma.