Harare’s Book Café Awarded 25 000 Euro

Book Café founder Paul Brickhill has confirmed, to Radio VOP exclusively, that the arts venue is pocketing the Euros amongst other international contenders for providing an arts venue that gives a voice to voiceless people, from all walks of life, including performing artists.

Brickhill told Radio VOP Book Café would issue a statement to celebrate the honour later in the week.

By winning the Prince Claus award the Book Café becomes the first institution, worldwide, to receive the prize won previously by Zimbabwean comedian Edgar Langeveldt. Al l along the award has been won by individuals.

“As Book Café, we have provided the platform for free speech for artists and every citizen and that alone makes us responsible citizens,” Brickhill said.
Brickhill said the prize money would be ploughed back into the arts.

The Prince Claus fund supports artistic work internationally and grants support by providing sponsorship and prizes to artists across Africa, Asia, the Carribeans and Latin America.

The Book Café has been Harare’s most sought venue for intellectual, professional, academic and arts practitioners where they enjoy the unfettered platform for free speech and expression never offered at any public venue in the city in recent years.