Hate Speech Proponents to Be Arrested: Tsvangirai

“We agreed as GPA principals that no journalist or media organisation should make a media blitz against any political party or any person. No Journalist or media organisation must promote hatred, whether the public media or Private media, that is what we agreed.
“Doing so is against the constitution and the law. Let me tell you what happened in Rwanda, Journalists who used the media in creating and promoting hatred were arrested and tried. They had to answer for the hatred and hostility they were promoting during that time.
“This has nothing to do with anybody, you the very person who is promoting hatred shall answer for the hatred and hostility you are promoting in a country which has a constitution which says you must not do that, “Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai told Journalists in Harare at an event held to commemorate world press freedom day.
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai continues to be castigated by the state media despite his government position.
He has over the past decade been complaining about the way the state media treats him but nothing has changed.
In bid to stop the media blitz in his capacity as the country’s prime minister and one of the Global Political Agreement Principals Tsvangirai has on several occasions approached SADC.
Observers say media reforms are the only way of getting rid of hate speech coming from state controlled media.