Heal Zimbabwe increases social accountability awareness in Zaka

By Brighton Chiseva

ZAKA – Heal Zimbabwe is scaling up its public accountability awareness campaign in Zaka through many activities including interactive clean-up campaigns in the district.

The non-governmental organisation last week partnered the local leadership for a clean-up campaign at Four Miles shopping centre where a platform was created for people to freely discuss issues that affect their communities.

Heal Zimbabwe project officer Donald Marimbe said they decided to use a unique approach to help build accountable community leadership.

“We have been teaching people on how they should hold local leaders to account on anything they do and make sure that there is transparency in positions of leadership. This clean-up is a result of what we have been teaching the community and we are pleased by the response,” said Marimbe

People were urged to unite and continue providing labour and other services towards the completion of Four Miles Clinic.

Some villagers said the wide gully close to Murerekwa Primary School needed to be filled-up as it had become a hazard to children and animals.

Other villagers also expressed concern over the increase in criminal activities mostly by ruffians who use catapults to attack children coming from school.

Traditional leaders who attended the event included Headman Utete, village heads Gwara, Chivata, Mhamo and Zarira who all pledged to work for the safety of their communities.

The clean-up campaign was a local leadership initiative to create a platform for people to share ideas and get feedback from their leaders.

The event followed a workshop on accountability which was organised by Heal Zimbabwe in the same area.

Ward 8 Cllr Tererai Tererai praised the clean-up exercise had not only tidied the surroundings but had also given a chance for interactive dialogue for the sake of greater community harmony.

“We decided to put to test what we learnt from the workshops organised by Heal Zimbabwe. This is just the beginning; we will do more programmes different from the clean-ups. We will also go to other areas like Gwangwava,” said Tererai.

Heal Zimbabwe provided plastic litter bags and gloves for use during the clean-up exercise.

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