Heavy Police And Security Agents Presence At Mujuru Inquest

Over 35 police officers were present in the past two days at the magistrates court to provide security and order at the magistrates courts while the court rooms and floors were polished in anticipation of the attendance of Vice President Joice Mujuru to her late husband’s inquest.
Members of the public were searched while some who were wearing jeans and t-shirts were turned away although in the previous days they were allowed to attend court, Radio VOP observed.
“We were informed last week that the Vice President Joice Mujuru will be coming this week to the courts. We were also told that police details inside the courts and outside will be increased,” a court official said on condition of anonymity.
“Just check all the toilets that used to be smelly are clean and water is running in the taps. Even the floors have been polished to create a good image.The lawn at the front of the court was cut to spruce up the court image. “
“The recording equipment and the many microphones in court 8 shows you that the magistrate court was prepared for the inquest…other court rooms …there is no recording equipment and there is a shortage of microphones,”he added.
Security details inside the court were taking notes of the proceedings of the inquest and some chairs were reserved for the police and security agents.
Mujuru’s family requested an inquest into the sudden death of their relative after they raised suspicion on how the ex-army commander died in a fire at his farmhouse. The inquest is expected to continue until the end of the week.