Heavyweight Counters Gain On ZSE

Stock brokers interviewed by Radio VOP said this was a 0,63 percentage change for the week.

Counters that rocked the boat and increased included diversified firm Africa Limited (AICO) which gained by US$0,01, top beverage concern and monopoly Delta Corporation Limited (Delta) also up by US$0,01, milk producer and processor Dairibord Holdings Zimbabwe Limited (DHZL), also up by US$0.01, financial institution Barclays Bank Zimbabwe Limited (Barclays), by US$0,45 and Powerspeed Limited, by US$0,29.
Hunyani Holdings Limited (Hunyani) and Star Africa Limited, on the other hand, nose-dived by US$0,30 to settle at US$0,04 and US$0,02, with the cash-rich international telecommunications concern, Econet Wireless Holdings Limited (Econet) slightly unchanged at US$4,80.

The ZSE said counters that raked in losses included Bindura Nickel Corporation Limited (Bindura), the mining concern, down by US$0,06, TSL Limited by US$0,05, Hunyani also down by US$0,03 and sugar producer Star Africa Corporation Limited by US$0,30.

The ZSE said the Industrial Index rose to 1.93 points compared to the week ending April 8.

This was a 1.22 percentage change for the week.

The Mining Index, on the other hand, gave up 4.38 points to close at 215.62 points for the week under review.

Stock analysts told Radio VOP that this amounted to a 1.99 percentage change.

They said the Mining Index lost 11.53 points compared to the week ending April 8, which was a 5,08 percentage change for the week.

Once rated among the best performing bourses in Africa the ZSE is now lack-lustre.

However, the use of the United States greenback and South African Rand as legal tender makes the ZSE lucrative for many punters who point out that this is “real money” as opposed to the worthless Zimbabwe Bearer cheques printed hourly at Fidelity Printers and Refiners (Private) Limited in the past.

Fidelity is a subsidiary of the now “very quiet” Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) run by Dr Gideon Gono as Governor.